Area S4 Nevada - Bob Lazar "Sport" Model

Bob Lazar is a scientist who claims to have worked from late 1988 to early 1989 at Area S4 of the super-secret Groom Lake facility in Nevada back-engineering the propulsion system of one of nine flying saucers that the Government kept there.

While there he worked primarily on the "Sport Model".

Which was operational, and whose flight testing he witnessed.

The Sport Model in the hangar

An American flag stuck on the side

The remainder of the captured discs

Control cabin with three seats and power generator

Two of the three gimballed gravity generators in the lower compartment

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  1. Sapro says

    what it's Reality and can believe...

    Think2ice says
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    Think2ice says

    According to Bob Lazar the American flag was laterally reversed. This is an important detail because there is no reason for Bob to come up with that if it was not true.

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