UFO Crashlands In Fields Near City Chd

Chandigarh, (GGS NEWS) 01 April 2011 :In a startling development an unidentified flying object said to be carrying “aliens” crash landed near Zirakpur in the early hours of Friday morning. Estimated to be the size of five cargo ships, this elliptical object that emitted an “intense white light encircled the fields before it went down with a thud. No one is believed to have been killed or injured and the area has been cordoned off by a large contingent of the Punjab police that has been rushed to the site.

Right after the crash, radio signals were severely disrupted with cellphones going off the air for several minutes. Experts from the department of space and the Atomic Energy Commission, sleuths from the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) and crack commandos of the army’s special forces are believed to be on their way to the site.

Top government officials said the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), the US space agency, had been informed and senior scientists were expected to arrive at the scene soon.

The Bureau of Paranormal Research & Extra Terrestrial Activities in Denver, Colorado immediately released reports of some “alien spacecraft” signals being detected in the area of the Indian subcontinent. A bureau team is expected to arrive in the city in a special jet on Thursday.

First reports received from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said the recent Supermoon activity could be the reason behind “pushing” the UFO towards the earth. “The moon’s gravitational pull, which was the biggest in nearly two decades only last week, is likely to have waylaid the spacecraft,” said T Rangarajan, who heads ISRO’s special projects cell.

Noted scientist Yash Pal said the UFO could probably be a “reconnaissance ship” and that there could be more such UFOs on the way. “The size of the ship that crashed in Punjab is small. It means it’s an offshoot vehicle. The mother ship could be nearby,” he warned.

However, Pal did not comment when asked whether the world should be bracing itself for the kind of “alien invasion” that was portrayed in the Hollywood film ‘Independence Day’.

A defence ministry official said: “We don’t have any expertise or role in respect to UFOs. Neither are we aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms”. The Indian Air Force, which has specialized electronic intelligence aircraft, declined to comment.

The sighting of the UFO was confirmed by a farmer who, along with his son, saw a “very luminous” object in the sky nearly an hour after midnight. Daljit Singh, 45, and his son Maninder, 17, who have been living in Zirakpur for the past 15 years, said their first reaction was that it was a “shooting star”.

“Maninder saw it first and even tried to snap it on his mobile,” says Daljit, claiming there were two distinct “lights” and, as they moved in the northwest direction, one of them got “extinguished on its own”. Some scholars are relating it to the 2012 phenomenon that comprises a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic events will occur on December 21, 2012, which will mark the end of the world. Scenarios posited for the end of the world include the earth’s collision with a passing planet or an invasion by aliens.

UFOs or unidentified flying objects have been sighted in the past too. Ranging from several yards to maximum 200 metres in diameter, they seem like a flying saucer that spins on its axis. The sightings are usually accompanied by a brilliant flash of light. The Area 51 in Nevada, United States, a central component to UFO folklore, reportedly conducts storage, examination and reverse engineering of crashed alien spaceships.

Scientists say extraterrestrial organisms have long been zeroing in on future landing zones. They repeatedly conduct a recce of their selected spots. Another school of scientists firmly believes aliens are after “tritium”, a “wonder” element that is a precursor of their growth and has amazing healing properties. Tritium is abundantly available in the earth’s crust. The Sahnewal crash is though being attributed to the Supermoon phenomenon.

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