Disney XD Movie - SkyRunners

Teenage Brothers Tyler and Nick come across a UFO that crashed near their town. Tyler begins to get superhuman abilities as they realize that the UFO is "alive." The brothers uncover that aliens are planning to take over earth, when the extraterrestrials capture Tyler and it's up to Nick to save his brother. Ultimately Tyler and Nick destroy the aliens plans to take over the world and kill most of them with an alien toxin. They escape in the UFO but are chased by a surviving alien. The UFO is damaged but Tyler and Nick manage to destroy the other UFO, killing the alien pilot and saving them. The UFO crashes at Nick's high school graduation and he is able to use him repairing the UFO as his science project and graduates high school. Both he and Tyler get the girls and later fly to the beach to meet up with them. There its revealed that four of the aliens survived and are plotting their revenge leaving the possibility of a sequel.

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